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What is an NFT? It is provable ownership of a digital image written right on the blockchain! It's also your membership pass to all DinoFam Collections has to offer, in the Metaverse and beyond!

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Unlock all the beneifts DinoFam has to offer buy exploring DinoFam NFTs! With online communities, Metaverse Projects, member rewards, and 10% of all NFT sales going to the DinoFam Foundation: DinoFam Collections is at the forefront of Web3 blockchain innovation.

Bad Baby Dinos

Own your very own Bad Baby Dino today buy becoming an official owner of the NFT collection that started it all!


Cave Dinos

Think you've seen all DinoFam has to offer? See just how wild the DinoFam collections can get with our exclusive Cave Dino NFTs!


How to buy NFTs: A beginners Guide

Below is a very good video that will take you through the basic steps of how to buy an NFT. It also makes some very good points about how the vast majority of NFTs for sale on the market are not worth anything, especially in today's market. NFTs are a very new technology and very few have the utility and rewards built into them that DinoFam NFTs have. Be careful, do not invest into NFTs as a strategy to get rich quickly, most do not. But, if you are interested in long term investments in Web3 companies there are some out there doing amazing things with the technology. As we always say, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. To learn more specifically about DinoFam NFTs you can always reach out to our discord community, just use the Discord icon link at the bottom of the page.

Also, this video was not made recently, things like high gas prices are not as big of an issue today as when this was made. In the video for example he pays over $50 in gas fees whereas today that same transaction would be around $5 to complete. But, this is the best video we have seen to walk someone through the beginning steps of NFT ownership. Be safe and have fun!

Video: How to buy NFTs