About Us

The DinoFam family of characters were re-born on the ethereum blockchain in the Land After Time in September 2021. They quickly began rebuilding the foundation of which would become the new home of the DinoFam. The Bad Baby Dinos have marked their territory in multiple metaverse platforms and gaming studios. While they continue to grow and evolve, these little guys will continue to play an important role within a DinoFam ecosystem that is expanding into home entertainment, games, product lines and more!

Charity and in real life impact is a pillar of who we are. The DinoFam organization has donated to and will continue to donate to multiple children and family based charities all around the world! 10% of all DinoMart sales go directly to the DinoFam Foundation.

Dinofam is a SBA Certified Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Business!

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